The Break Down

by Tatton Spiller

We’re living through the breakdown. A time of enormous political upheaval. Many of us feel ill-equipped to understand and debate the issues currently rocking our world.

At last, here is a sane voice of reason that cuts through the noise, that will give you the tools to work out what’s happening and why – so you can do something about it.

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A Good Read

“A good read for those who are new to politics or have followed it for years. In an ever confusing political landscape, this book reminds us to listen well, consider wisely, and find common ground wherever it can be found.” Adam Pitt (Amazon review)


A Funny Witty Take

“A funny, witty take which clearly explains why people closest to you can have such differing political ideals. A book we all need to read in these divisive times.” Chris Cornell (Amazon review)


Hugely Enjoyable

Hugely enjoyable, funny and good natured explanation of how politics works in the UK, and the challenges we face in the modern world of social media, click bait and black and white views. Genuinely changed how I look at many things. Highly recommended.” Amazon Customer

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