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Our 'Quick Tips' communications consultancy package. Get a 90 minute - 2 hour chat with one or two of Team SP. We'll help map out a plan to reach your goals. Price is £200.
Our 'Deep Dive' communications consultancy package. 5 or 6 hours with at least 2 of Team SP. We'll go through processes and recommendations. Price is £500.
Our 'Deep Dive Over Time' communications consultancy package. Everything in the 'Deep Dive' package, plus we'll monitor and discuss social media output for 2 weeks after we chat, then have a debrief. Price is £1,000.

Let Team SP help you have better conversations online.

Over many years, we've learnt how to use social media to get our voice across. Completely independently, we've built an audience of well over a million followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 


We have thousands of meaningful interactions with real people every month.

It's on the back of that that we've been able to have books published, appear on National TV and Radio, perform live shows and sell bits and bobs in our shop.

We're also very lucky that people chip in financially every month.

Now we're giving you the chance to let us help you find your voice and improve your social media presence.

From there, hopefully, you'll be able to achieve the things you want to do.

You won't get the hard sell from us. We're here as and when you'd like us to be.

Drop Tatton a line on if you might be up for it! 

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