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The Simple Politics Academy!
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Hello and welcome to the Simple Politics Academy!
I’m so pleased that you have decided to join us. It might just be the best decision you’ve ever taken in your whole life. Well, in the top 20. Maybe.
So. What have you signed up for? It’s a 5-day course taking you through some of the areas we think will support you in understanding and following UK politics. So, that’s going to include some of the nuts and bolts as to how it all works, as well as breaking down some of the dominant ways of thinking about politics. I’m really proud of the programme we’ve put together. I really hope you find it useful.

Let me introduce you to your course leader, Hattie Schofield. The first thing you need to know about Hattie is that she’s brilliant.  The second is that she is running the course and she’ll be your first port of call. You can reach her on hattie@simplepolitics.co.uk.
How you’ll learn.
Course materials will be published on our social media. It may help to put an alert on for when we post. They’ll be published on both Twitter and Facebook, so you can choose your own flavour. We’ll then send an email round in the evening with a summary of what we’ve looked at.
It wouldn’t be much of a course if we just pumped things out on the email and social and left you to get on with reading. So, we’re going to be with you all the way. You can send us messages on social asking for clarification on things. You can also drop us a line on the email: academy@Simplepolitics.co.uk and we’ll do our best to explain.  If there is the demand for it, we may jump on a Facebook Live or two. If we’re going to do that, we’ll let you know.
There will also be a peer support group:

If you've signed up to the WhatsApp group please follow this link here to join our awesome chat:


This should be a space for debate and questions. Please don’t get angry with someone if you disagree with them. And also, don’t go looking for a fight. We’re talking support here.

At the end of the week, there’ll be a quiz. 20 or so questions. We’ll send you out the link on Friday afternoon. If you get 16 right, we’ll send you a certificate to say you’ve graduated from the Academy.
Final thoughts.
  1. This is the first time we’ve run something like this. Please bear with us. We welcome your feedback, thoughts and comments. If we do something that isn’t very helpful – tell us. Also, if you really like something, we always love to know.
  2. The course is entirely free. It’s taken loads of time to put together and will take loads of time during the week. If you like what we do -please tell your friends and family. We are growing. We want to grow more – and we can only do that with your help.
Thanks for signing up – I hope it’s going to be a great week!
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