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Good morning again, folks! 

Today is Day 2 of the Simple Politics Academy. Because it's Tuesday and our least favourite day of the week at Simple Politics HQ, I thought I'd give you something slightly lighter than yesterday's jam-packed packed day of ideologies. 

So, today we're going to find out what people actually do in Parliament. I know that Westminster just looks like a big ol' fancy building in London (I mean, it is literally a big ol' fancy building in London) and you may be thinking that the people who work there can be described perfectly in this meme: 

But some pretty crucial decisions are made in this place which affect every single person's life who lives in the UK. Therefore, we're going to find out what role these important people (like MPs, the Prime Minister, the Lords, the Cabinet and the Speaker) play in the running of our democracy.

As I have now found out, there are a few people on this Academy who do not follow us on social media or indeed do not have social media so I will from now on be putting out material throughout the day via email too. Starting with the role of the Prime Minister - who doesn't just get a snazzy house on Downing Street: 

At the end of the day, I'll also do a little summary email incase you have missed anything. If you're still struggling to understand this or would like to join in the conversation, please feel free to do one of the following: 
  1. Ask our WhatsApp group a question (https://chat.whatsapp.com/H9StQ7z86nvACAku9iTab0 follow this link if you are not a member)
  2. Send me (Hattie, Head of Comms and Academy Co-Ordinator) a private message on WhatsApp using +447949335568 - I'm friendly, promise! 
  3. Email academy@simplepolitics.co.uk 

Best of luck for today- we are certain that you'll do great! 

Hattie and the Simple Politics Academy Team
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