SP Academy 2 day 1 : with debate questions

The Simple Politics Academy 2 
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We're really interested in solidifying your knowledge about ideologies

Hi all,

So here's your evening pack. It's very similar except we've thrown in some discussion topics and snippets from articles to get you to think about the ideologies in the context of 21st century Britain. 

The link can be found here: 


We've had some pretty cool debates over on our group chat today. Here are some of the most insightful comments:
See, looking at the handout Socialism sounds pretty great, in reality Socialist East Germany was a totalitarian one-party state full of people spying on their neighbours as part of the Stasi (aka the informers for the government), where in the "free elections" the one party SED always won with something ridiculous like 99,2% and a lot of things were censored or you wouldn't get certain jobs unless you joined the party. Though my mum told me she misses the sense of community under Socialism, it was less individualistic and cutthroat. - Simone 

The "one nation" thing got my attention, "everyone should be helping each other" not something you often hear associated with capitalism... prosperity for all seems a more practical and realistic goal than equality - Ronnie 

Tim asked a pretty good question to which we were all like 'hey, that's a really great point!?' : 

Why do socialism and capitalism have to be mutually exclusive? Can we not have regulations controlling the profits of big business and banking and nationalising our utilities, water, electricity, gas, railways etc?

I hope that this kind of discussion can continue all week, if so, it'll be really interesting! 

Remember if you want to chat and debate with us on our really respectful group, please follow this link to our WhatsApp chat: 


If you have any other queries, please contact me on hattie@simplepolitics.co.uk and I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Happy further thinking! 

Hattie Schofield and the Simple Politics Team.
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