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The Simple Politics guide to next week in Parliament.
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We need your help

Dear reader,

Every week I write this email to try to break things down for you. I hope that it's helpful. It uses all my little brain and most of my Thursday/Friday. It's just one part of what SP does, what I do, but it's one of my favourites. I get to write in a longer form (I know I bang on a bit sometimes), and I know what a lovely audience read it.

We're now faced with a General Election. Six weeks today it's Big Vote. Politics over that six weeks will be pretty full-on. Exciting, engaging, box-office. Also, tedious, repetitive and, a little bit soul-destroying. (Can something be a little bit soul-destroying? I'm not sure.)

I want SP to be all over it. I want to cover every party, every policy, every ideology. I want to help people have better, more informed, calmer conversations with their friends, family and neighbours. I want to reach more and more people through social media (where we have 270,000 followers - a great starting point), on here and in schools. I want to make a difference, to sooth the worries and inspire people to get involved for their preferred flavour of campaign. 

The truth is, though, I can't do it on my own.  My wonderful colleague Hattie starts a new job on 11th. That leaves me running solo. My aspirations for making an impact on people's experience of Big Vote 2019 can't be achieved by one person.  I need a team around me.

As such, I'm afraid I need to ask for money. I hate asking for money. It will, almost in its entirety, go on people-power. Skilled and intelligent people to supplement my (limited) skill set. Some may go on coffee. 

So, lovely people, if you've got some cash to spare, please help us out.



ps - normal email with loads of fun election bits and pieces tomorrow.
Yes please, I'd like to chip in.
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