Jaws info


It's nearly time for Jaws!


I hope you are as excited as I am about Jaws tomorrow night. It's going to be ace.

Now. What might not be ace is the weather. The forecast has been changing for tomorrow quite a lot. I'm no meteorologist, but there is a chance it might rain.  Unfortunately, the cinema gear can't work outside. It's an electricity and water thing. They don't mix.

Whatever is happening weather-wise, the film will be screened tomorrow. There is a chance that it will be moved indoors.  The final decision will be made at around 5pm tomorrow and I'll post it on facebook and twitter

If it is outdoors (fingers crossed!!!), it will be a bit chilly. Bring jumpers. Bring blankets. Bring hats.

Food and Drink

The Waterfront has a bar and a kitchen. You can order fish and chips, baked potatoes, nachos, that kind of thing and they will bring it to your seat. Fully stocked bar, too. 

Please don't bring your own food or drink. If you do, the bar gets cross with me and we don't get to do it again next year. 


Doors - 6.30
Live music from the excellent Paul Messenger - 7
Film starts - 8
Film finishes - 10.10

The bar is open till 11 if you'd like to hang out and discuss what an amazing evening it's been. 

If I've forgotten anything - just reply to this and I'll fill you in.

Oh. Yes. 2 more things. 
1) Seats are unreserved. First come, first serve.
2) No need to print off tickets, I've got a list of who I'm expecting.

Looking forward to welcoming you tomorrow evening,

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