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Guess Minister! Is here!

First of all, I should deal with the two emails in a day thing. It's not a good look. I'm sorry. I wouldn't have done it except... except... I'm far too excited not to tell you about Guess Minster! Please don't unsubscribe because of this. I can change.

We've got this card game, you see. It's gone on sale 5 minutes ago.  It's the first time we've tried to sell a thing. And it's taken a lot of love and care. I hope you like it.

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This is the card game for fans of politics. Featuring 24 hand affectionately hand drawn images of prominent UK politicians there are a number of awesome games you can play. 

The main game is, as the name suggests, guess which politician. Included in your pack is a complete chart of their votes / opinions on 11 different issues - ranging from Brexit to fox hunting to benefit spending. So, you can ask questions along the lines of… ‘Are they male?’ or ‘Are they from the SNP?’ or ‘Did they vote to leave the EU?’

We've suggested a load of other possible games - but here's our favourite. At least 3 players have 5 cards each. You go round picking up and discarding in turns. Until someone says 'stop'. At that point you all have to vote for who has the most electable hand. 

Listen. We think this is amazing. It's fun, it's creative and, well, we're dead proud of it.



48x cards

2x Guess Minister voting cards

1x Rules and Alternative Games sheet

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