Friday 30th September

The Simple Politics guide to next week in Parliament.
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Time to set out the stall.

It's tricky, the conference season. You have to sit and watch while the other Parties take pot shots at you and call you names. Nobody really listens to you for a few weeks as all eyes are trained on your opposition.  But you know your time will come. And now, for the Conservatives, it has.

It's Theresa May's 60th birthday on Sunday. She'll celebrate by throwing a big Brexit debate in the main hall. She's invited Liam Fox. She's invited Priti Patel. She's even invited Boris Johnson. I only hope I can have a guest list like that when I'm 60.

We'll then have all the great and the good of the Conservative Party taking to the stage over the next few days. Their doing it thematically, which is nice. So, on Monday morning, it's 'An Economy that works for everyone' -with all the money and business team chipping in. It goes on like that until Wednesday, when Theresa May makes her closing speech as part of 'A Country that works for everyone'. It's going to be a pretty important speech. Her fist major leader speech as, well, leader. Have to admit, I'm pretty excited.

Oh, and we're playing a game on twitter today. Details below. Have a go!

Conservative conference this week. Here's our guide to Conservatism.
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