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Everything you need to know ahead of tomorrow night's party
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It's nearly here!

Hey, I'm really looking forward to welcoming you to The Social tomorrow night. It's not your average night out, so I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how it's going to go.

Doors - 9pm.
We had earlier said 10, but we've changed our plans. Call it a U turn if you will. We just thought it is more sociable to have you there!

Be with us by 12!
Our licence runs till 6, but it says we can't let anyone in after 12. So please be with us by then. If that's going to be a problem, please email me.

Bugged Out 
Our party will be downstairs at the venue. Upstairs, there will be an excellent club night from those lovely people at Bugged Out. It will run till about 2, I think. If you fancy going upstairs for a bit and listening to some music, feel free. We'll stamp your hand when you get in, so just show that when you come back down.

We are sold out for tomorrow night. If you've got one person with you who you want to squeeze in that may be possible. It's easier if you email me (just reply to this) first.

Also, no need to print off your tickets - just show them to me on your phone.

Oh, and if you are coming seperately, that's cool. Each person just needs to know the name of the person who booked.

We've currently got BBC World Service, Canadian TV (CBC), Japanese TV (NHK), and possibly Swedish TV coming down to film / record / broadcast. All of them have promised not to film or record anyone who doesn't fancy it. You may be in the background. Some are looking for people to comment, though, so if you'd like to be on TV / Radio, that might be possible too. Last time round (for Trump) we had loads of TV crews turning up all night. 

Political opinion
I think there are people coming to the party from across the political spectrum. You may meet people you disagree with. That's part of the point. Just be nice, yeah?

On that note - please do chat to people. It's been one of the best things about the last couple of election parties we've done. People have just chatted to others around.

Simple Politics
My colleague Hattie and I will be there, proudly wearing our Simple Politics T shirts. There will be a few others ho hep out occasionally, too. We may set up a little SP desk so we can live tweet and generally do Simple Politics things. If you don't know what Simple Politics is, please check out our Facebook or twitter. If you already follow us, then that's even better.

Right. I think that's about it. If I haven't covered anything, and my brain is pure mush after this campaign so I may well have forgotten something really important, please email me.

Really looking forward to tomorrow night. It's been a very odd camapigna dn the results should be fascinating. And even if they aren't there is excellent beer.



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