EU Debate

Details of our EU debate - Whitstable Bay Outdoor Film Festival coming soon....
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We've ripped up the EU Debate rule book.

We know you've had enough of the EU referendum. We know you've heard it all before. That's why we're offering you something completely different.

For a start  - it's politician free. No Cameron. No Farage. No Johnson.

Also - there's a bar. This is about having a fun, relaxed evening. 

Then, there's the panel. Comedians, journalists and campaigners. All intelligent and engaging. All hand picked for their ability to bring a sense of humour.

We'll also have a Fact Check Desk. Randomly selected audience members and the panel will be able to play a fact check card when they hear something about which they are dubious. It will then go to Huffington Post political reporter - Owen Bennett - who will decide if it's entirely true, a bit true, or not true at all.

Best of all - it's free! Register to be given access from 6.30. At 7.15 those who haven;t managed to register will be given the opportunity to fill up any remaining seats.

Click here to reserve your ticket now!
(Stay tuned - details of a bigger and better Whitstable Bay Outdoor Film Festival in aid of SNAAP will be dropping into your inbox very soon!)
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