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The Simple Politics guide to the election - it's today!
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You've voted, right?

OK. I realise that not many people who subscribe to the Simple Politics don't really need a reminder to vote. I think it's a law though, that you have to say these things.

The question I get asked most around no is 'when should I sleep?' and it's a tricky question. Firstly, the only way to get the true experience is to be up all night. But, I know that's simply not possible for many people. Jobs. Bah! So, I'd normally recommend going to bed (either super early or at 10.15 once you've seen the exit polls) and get up. You could get up at 2, that's when results start coming in thick and fast, but lots of marginals happen at 3. That's nearly 5 hours sleep. Perfect.

We'll be up all night at The Social in Central London. Feel free to drop us a line. Or ask a question. Or just send coffee.

To be honest, we haven't quite worked out how much live tweeting / Facebook Live / whatever we're going to be doing. It's been that kind of election. But we'll definitely be doing some, so do have us with us when you're watching. Please forgive the typos. They will be down to tiredness. Or prescription drugs. Definitely not booze.

Here's a breakdown of what might happen when...

10pm – Polling stations close and we get exit polls.
10.48 – 2015’s first result (Sunderland and Houghton) came out. Safe Labour seat.
12am – lots of interviews on TV. A couple of safe seats will come through around now.
1am – First marginal seats. Nuneaton was a moment in 2015. Would be huge if Labour can win it back. Vale of Clwyd  (Cons by 237) will show a few pointers about how Wales is going.
1.30am – Theresa May will be hoping to win one of… Tooting, Darlington or Wrexham. If she does, it’s not looking like a great night for Corbyn.
2am – All eyes on Thurrock, in theory a three way marginal. North and South Bury are exciting around now too. Conservatives have 378 majority in the North, with Labour 5k in the south.
2.30am – Corbyn will be announced the winner. In Islington North. Chester, though, is a bit tighter. Labour won by just 93 votes last time. They’re also just 229 in front of Plaid Cymru in Ynys Mon. Finally, UKIP are looking to make one of their few gains of the night against Labour in Hartlepool.
3am – Here we go. It’s all kicking off now. Can Angus Robertson hold on in Moray? Is there a chance Tim Farron will be given the boot? Will Labour overturn the Conservatives 27 vote majority in the Gower? Will the Greens stepping down in Derby North help Labour take down the 41 vote Conservative majority? Can the Conservatives re-gain Hampstead after decades in the wilderness?
3.30am – UKIP have stepped aside to help Conservatives knock Wes Streeting out of Ilford North. Also, Brexiteer Kate Hoey sees what Remain powerhouse Vauxhall think about her.
4am – It’ time to examine the Lib Dem fight back. Vince Cable is hoping to win back Twickenham around now. We’ll also get Richmond Park, Bath, Colchester, Sutton &Cheam, Solihull and Yeovil.  Also, Clive Lewis will find if he’s seen off the Conservatives in Norwich South.
4.30am – Theresa May wins in Maidenhead. She’ll also want her team to win in Brewickshire, where the SNP only have a majority of 328.
5am – The sun comes up and Paul Nuttall finds if he’s done enough to take Boston and Skegness. His team have also stepped aside to give the Conservatives a better crack at Labour’s Mary Creagh in Wakefield.
5.30am – Big news around now will be if Labour can hold Hove, how well Philip Davies has held off the Women’s Equality Party in Shipley and maybe if Caroline Lucas can keep the Greens in Westminster.
6am – The result should be known by now. Or at least abundantly clear. If it’s not, Theresa May’s plan to call an election will have well and truly backfired. A few seats left, including Craig Mackinlay (facing his day in court over funding in 2015), Keith Vaz and several in Scotland where it takes ages to get the votes from the polling stations to the count. 

We have this fantastic WhatsApp group which is a safe haven for political debate. It's a really great place to share ideas and ask questions to around 100 other people who are interested in learning more about politics. Click here to join: https://chat.whatsapp.com/H9StQ7z86nvACAku9iTab0 
And there we have it. The campaign is done. It's all over bar the voting.
Thanks for sticking with us through it all. I hope we've been useful.
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