Day 5: Devolution!

The Simple Politics Academy 2 
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Devolution for days 

Hey Academics! 

So what did you think about Parliament? In our WhatsApp chat (generally) we really like the concept of the Lords. We like that the Lords provide an extra level of scrutiny. Here's what was said: 

I like the concept of having experts in different areas in the house of lords - Ronnie

As a life long health professional I have always been appalled at the knowledge (of the health service and its issues) of every Health Secretary since the 1980's... I understand that they have civil servants to guide them but I like it that more high profile experts in a profession (sitting in the Lords) can critique politicians and their decisions. I understand that it isn't perfect but... - Louisa

An upper chamber is an absolute must but...... Hereditary and appointed positions need to end as it far too open to abuse. 
I would like a full overhaul of the Lords system with a fully elected upper chamber. - Dan 

To look at over the weekend, here's some information on devolution: 

Devolved powers are voted in through different voting systems. Here's how each of the devolved powers votes using a different voting systems work plus a summary of all the voting systems as a quick reminder.

We'll be discussing the information all week over on our chat so remember if you want to chat and debate with us on our really respectful group, please follow this link to our WhatsApp chat:

If you have any other queries, please contact me on and I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Hattie and the Simple Politics Team.
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