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We're crowdfunding to try to get a community pop up cinema for hire in east Kent. Please help us out!
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We want to bring more great films to you.

We need your help!

Crowdfunding now!

The Whitstable Outdoor Film Festival was wonderful.

We want to do more.  We want to bring great sound and vision to you.  We want to launch a pop up cinema for hire.

We're almost there, too!  We've got a projector.  We've got a screen.  All we need are some decent speakers and we're away.

The plan is to be affordable, flexible and creative.  We're going to help you create your perfect film night. Whether that's Dirty Dancing in a dance studio, the Blair Witch Project in your garden (that probably works best if your garden is more of a forest), or just watch the Saturday teatime kick off on a big screen.

Whatever you want the screen for, we'll try to do it.

Check out all the details by pressing the button below...

Thanks all,

Help out now!
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