Give your voters a taste of who you are, and why they should vote for you.
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Dear General Election Candidate,

Today sees the launch of a new initiative that will allow you to communicate directly with your voters, especially voters who may not come to hustings or even spend time talking to you on the doorstep.  Please forgive the unsolicited approach, but I hope that you will be interested.

The project is based around candidates recording and sharing 30 second videos of themselves.  Voters can then head to the website and watch all the videos from candidates in their constituencies.

The videos do not need to be complicated, indeed, with a smartphone the whole process can take under a minute.  Simply record yourself for 30 seconds in video camera mode, then hit the 'share' button and upload it to YouTube.  Then, hit 'share' again and post the video on twitter using #30secondpitch.

Why it will help you
  • Easily engage with on-line community, young people and first time voters
  • Show the public who you are, rather than voters relying on party leaders
  • Use the video in anyway you like: your website, in schools, in the press
Why it is good for voters
  • Compare candidates and messages is a way that's easy to access and understand
  • Get a sense of  the person for whom they will vote
  • Make a better informed decision when it comes to May 7th

So - you can start right away. Just record a 30 second film and share it on twitter using #30secondpitch.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch at this email address.

All the best,

Tatton Spiller

ps - This is an entirely not for profit project.  None of your videos will be used to make any money!

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