#30secondpitch – 08.04

28,000 views and counting - don't miss out on your opportunity to connect with voters!
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We've reached 28,000 views!

After just a couple of weeks, 30 Second Pitch videos have reached 28,000 views on YouTube.  Is your campaign missing out?

Hopefully you know about 30 Second Pitch by now.  You record a simple 30 second film telling potential voters why they should vote for you.  You upload it to YouTube and share it on twitter using #30secondpitch, alternatively you can email me either video or link at tatton@simplepolitics.co.uk and I will do the rest.  This is all easy to do on most smartphones - and will take less than 5 minutes.

Once you have finished, you can use your video wherever you want to.  It will also be embedded on www.simplepolitics.co.uk where your constituents can find it with a simple postcode search.

Since I last wrote, we have really taken off. Lots of videos coming in every day and, like I say, over 28,000 views on YouTube.  Yesterday, Liberal Democrat HQ emailed their candidates and encouraged them to take advantage of this opportunity.

Some of the videos are doing really very well. Sadiq Khan, Labour candidate for Tooting, filmed his with South West London TV and it has been seen around 5,000 times.  Have a look here.

The viewing figures show that there is a real appetite for these videos.  Voters want to be able to get a taste of who their candidates are. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect!

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