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Anyone for tennis?

It's been an eventful week. What with votes on ending austerity, some confusion over official policy on the wage cap, deals with the DUP and continued Grenfell fall out. In fact, you could say every week for, well, months has been pretty eventful. The bags under my eyes would seem to agree with you. But. We may just be coming out of those woods. Next week could be quite quiet. Hardly any laws have started their journey through Parliament, so it's mostly 'general debates'.  

So, let's pour a Pimms, turn on Wimbledon (or the Tour de France, or the Test Match - you choose your daytime summer fun) and hope that Brexit doesn't do anything unexpected while we're all having a little rest.

Monday - There's an actual law being debated on Monday. It's about updating travel protection. No, the highlight will probably be questions to Amber Rudd at 2.30. There have been a few issues around police and firefighters etc recently, so expect her to be given quite a ride. The Lords have a debate about the impact of our foreign aid.

Tuesday - Commuters! Do you ever feel like nobody cares about you? Well, tune into Parliament TV on Tuesday. MPs will be debating Southern Trains. The plight of the commuter will be at the top of the agenda.

Wednesday -  PMQs! That'll be fun. The rest of the day get's a bit heavy. In the Commons, MPs are debating Isreal / Palestine issues. In Westminster Hall, they're talking about WASPI women and (separately) Yemen. Some big issues there. Don't worry, nobody will blame you for keeping half an eye on Rafa and his chums on BBC One.

Thursday - On Thursday the debate will be on Brexit and Global Trade. Yes. Another Brexit debate. The joy.

Friday could be a little awkward. Presumably, there will be no English players left in the tennis. Parliament isn't sitting.  You might have to read a book.

Important disclaimer. Literally, anything could happen. Aliens might make first contact. Theresa May might call a snap election. France could declare war. Whatever. Please don't blame me if the week turns out to be really, really not chilled
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Our pick of the laws being debated in Parliament next week...
Air Travel Organisers' Licensing Bill
This Bill aims to modernise the ATOL licensing scheme which was originally set up to offer protection to people buying package holidays and meant if their holiday provider went bust they were entitled to a refund or transport home. The new rules would extend the protection to people buying separate flights online, and would make it easier for UK travel businesses to operate in Europe both before and after Brexit.
More details
Financial Guidance and Claims Bill

The Bill will combine three financial advice bodies into one, ensuring that people across the UK are able to seek the help and advice they need to manage their finances. It will also transfer the regulation of claims management companies to the Financial Conduct Authority, who will clamp down on nuisance calling and fraudulent claims and will have the ability to cap the fees charged by claims companies.

More details

I told you that it's a quiet week.

There's nothing to write about in the third law of the week section.

Sad, eh?

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