29th January

The Simple Politics guide to next week in Parliament.
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Big bills never die.

It's around the time of year that all the big bills of the year land in the Queen's in tray for signing. The Parliament is 8 months old, they'll have a week off next month and another couple off for Easter, so there is really not very much time to squeeze them all in.  Don't worry though. They know what they're doing. All the big government ideas from last May will all get through.

Immigration Bill

This is a clamp down on illegal immigrants, making it harder for them to find a flat, harder for them to have a bank account and harder to find a job.  

If their application to stay is denied, they will now be deported before appeal.  They can appeal from their own country.
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Education and Adoption Bill

This will turn more schools into academies to improve school performance, and could also take adoption powers from local authorities to create more efficient adoption agencies.

It's almost there - the Lords session on Thursday will be the final big debate/vote.
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Very final stages
This week sees two laws jumping their final hurdles. The Lords just have to agree with each other on minor changes. Then it'll be time for the Queen.
Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill
Stopping nasty people becoming trustees, encourages 'social investments'.
Childcare Bill 
Giving 30 hours of childcare to 3&4 year olds during term time.
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