The Simple Politics guide to next week in Parliament.
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You've heard from the rest. It's government time.

Party conferences in opposition are hard. Only the party that is in power can make the real changes. So, you're left saying what you would do, or what you're going to campaign for. 

Over the past two weeks, we've heard some amazing speeches from both Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs and activists. We've seen some real passion. A thirst for change. I've been totally inspired by moments from both conferences. 

On Sunday, though, the Conservative conference starts. It's a very different beast. They aren't going to describe what they are actually going to do. The change they are planning to bring forward. It also can't be too radical. They need those DUP votes to go their way. We've seen many of the more radical promises from the manifesto dropped already. What we'll see is clear plans being drawn by departments. Agendas set. Schedules agreed.

There will, I'm sure, be more inspiring moments. Conference speeches allow politicians of all flavours to glance up from their work and look at the stars. It's good.

Oh. And we'll probably see lots of chat about the next leader and how long Theresa May can hold on for. That's what the press are predicting and, as they are the press and the ones who d the chatting, it quickly becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  That said, everyone thought that the Labour conference was going to be full of infighting and it wasn't. So. Who knows?

Saturday - The UKIP conference draws to a close. The whole day will be overshadowed by whoever is announced today as the new leader. Expect lots of talk of freash starts.

Sunday - Theresa May is on Marr. They normally give the PM a decent slot, so I'd expect her to start at around half 9. Should be an interesting start to your Sunday. For the other programmes expect Conservative MPs o line up to tell interviewers that they fully support the PM.

Up the M6 in Manchester, we've got Justine Greening on after lunch. Expect lots on the new fairer funding formula and not very much on grammar schools.  45 minutes later, Ruth Davidson arrives on stage and could deliver the standout speech of the day.

Monday - They like to pack in the speakers. The morning headliner is Phillip Hammond, while the afternoon sees Michael Gove, Karen Bradley, Chris Grayling and Greg Clark take it in turns to talk about 'Delivering a modern industrial strategy.'

Tuesday - Cancel your plans for Tuesday. It's all happening in Manchester. The morning alone has Hunt, Truss and Rudd. The afternoon? Brexit time - out come Davis and Fox. Then, grab a cup of tea and get back for some foreign affairs fun with Patel, Fallon and BoJo.

Wednesday -  It's Theresa May Day. She's on at 11ish. 

Thursday - You are, of course, free to do what you like. We shall be lying down in a dark room, moaning quietly. It'll be Question Time in the evening.

Friday - Another quiet day, but you might like to get yourself ready for the Green Party conference, the Scottish Nationalist Party conference, or the return of Parliament on Monday.
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