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No rest for the wicked

So, MPs are off. They are mostly in their constituencies or possibly on holiday. Except for Labour MPs who are involved in a bitter leadership contest. Tensions are still unbelievably high. Clive Lewis, the shadow defence secretary suggested he would like a coalition with the Greens. An anonymous Labour MP responded: 'They're welcome to each other. ... They could replace army bases with a series of recycling centres.Rename one of the aircraft carriers 'Rainbow Warrior 2'. 

It's also been busy over in America. This week saw the Democrats try to be united. They did a better job than the Republicans did the week before. It's a fascinating contest (timeline below), not least because both candidates are deeply unpopular. There has never been a contest between two people with negative approval ratings. We're in conversation with a colleague in America who might be able to bring us more content from over there.

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