The Simple Politics guide to next week in Parliament.
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Time to make your mind up!

This week, everyone in the country (over 18 - and over 16 in Scotland) has a vote. It seems like there are hundreds of different elections on. Speak to someone in London and they are all about the Mayor.  Scotland seems to be in an eternal debate about a second Independence referendum. Around Simple Politics HQ in Kent, it's fairly quiet - the PCC race hasn't really taken off.

This week, there are some laws in their final stages. The Trade Union Bill, the Housing Bill & the Investigatory Powers Bill are all on their way. We've told you about them very recently, though, and don't want to bore you with repetition! 

Parliaments / Assemblies

Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales all have elections for their devolved bodies. 

Polls have Labour keeping Wales, but finishing 3rd behind SNP & the Tories in Scotland. The DUP are margnially ahead of Sinn Fein in NOrthern Ireland.

Does anyone believe polls anymore?



It's being billed as Zac vs Sadiq and it's not been a nice battle. Goldsmith has been labled as racist and Khan an extremist.  Bookmakers have Khan as heavy favourite.  

The Green Party, Lib Dems, UKIP, Respect and even the BNP know they're unlikely to win the Mayor, but will hope to do better in the Assembly vote.



There are 41 Police and Crime Commissioners being elected. 

They have quite a lot of power - they will oversea £8 billion between them.

The biggest problem is apathy, though. Last time they were elected there was just 15% turnout. This time they are overshadowed by everything else. 


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