The Simple Politics guide to the election.
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The calm before the storm...

OK. I'll admit it. It's a slightly odd election campaign. It's been dominated by things that aren't happening. Osborne / Farage / Balls /etc are not running. May isn't doing TV debates. Nor is Corbyn, unless May does, which she won't. There is no guarantee on the triple lock. There are no manifestos (yet). 

So. There isn't all that much fro us to break down / explain / chat about.  As such, here's a little look ahead at what we'll be doing for the election. I'd love it if you could join us for some of it. 


This is really what we do.  We'll be breaking down and comparing manifestos. We'll be bringing you live speeches. We'll be sharing policy announcements when we hear them. We'll probably do some (more) silly quizzes. We'll be explaining how the whole thing works. If you're not following us on twitter and or Facebook, I think you'd find it useful to do so. 100,000+ people already do!


Really excited about getting out of my shed to hang out with you guys. We've got a few things going on (and a couple in the works that I'll tell you about next week).

Simple Politics in the Pub! A relaxed and informal evening of debating, chatting to people outside your echo chamber and some games. It's central London and only a fiver. Come along. Tickets here.

What's this General Election thing about? Incredibly excited about this. We've teamed up with Comedy Club for Kids to bring a fun family show that'll look at democracy, ideologies and how an election actually works. It's in London's trendy South Bank and everything. Details and tickets here.

Snap Election Section! We're bringing our block rocking, all-night election party back to The Social. We were there in 2015, we were there for the US election. We'll be there on 8th June. Tickets out soon.


We're running loads of mock elections, hustings in schools, assemblies, quizzes, workshops across Kent. Maybe some in London too. And we'll have some fresh education resources out next week. Please let me know if you're interested in any of that stuff.


We're working on a range of GE17 T shirts. I know. Pretty exciting right? Out 'Vote.' t is selling pretty well right now. You want better news? It's free shipping this weekend. Have a look and buy here.

So, yeah. It'll be a busy time. But. We want to be useful! If there is something you'd like from us, please get in touch and ask.


We have this fantastic WhatsApp group which is a safe haven for political debate. It's a really great place to share ideas and ask questions to around 100 other people who are interested in learning more about politics. Please follow this link if you wish to join: https://chat.whatsapp.com/H9StQ7z86nvACAku9iTab0 
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