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It's EU this, EU that and EU the other.

Parliament has closed it's doors for the half term break. They'll be back briefly, but don't let that fool you. Nobody is looking at the law makers to make laws right now. All attention is on the (probable) narrow victory for Remain.

I'd imagine you are a bit sick of the EU chat, though. It's all been a bit, well, scrappy. The thing I hear most often is 'I just want some information about the EU. Not to be told that the world will end if I vote the wrong way.' I can see that. In fact, that's why we exist. I do't think that this problem is limited to the EU. I think that it goes much deeper and runs through all UK politics, but because there is no referendum on other things, we don't notice so much.

So, please, if you hear someone looking for clear, neutral information on how the EU works - or a breakdown of arguments on each side - direct them our way. We're here to help!

On that note, you'll find a guide to how the EU makes laws below. It went down pretty well on  Facebook, so I hope you find it useful.  I've also included our video trailer for the Simple Politics politician free EU debate. That's going to be amazing. You can come in person (to Whitstable) or watch on Facebook.


It's half term next week, so we'll be far too busy trying to keep the Simple Politics children out of harm's way to write you an email. Don't worry though. If you miss us we'll still be ticking over on social media (Facebook and twitter) and we'll be back on Friday 10th June. Try to stay strong.
All the details you need for our politician free EU debate on 16th June.
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