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Good news!

You'll be pleased to know that I'm not going to write very much this week. Unbelievably, this election isn't about me.  People say that this election is different. But it's not. This election is the same as any other.

This election is about competing visions of the future. Right now the parties are laying down manifestoes that say what they want. That promise voters what will happen as and when they get elected. We, the people, the voter, the public have to decide which set of promises we like the best. That's it. That's an election. Sure, this one has a Brexity taste. Although maybe not as much as we thought it might. Most elections have a single issue that is bigger than the rest.

So, yes, this week I want to show you our summaries of each manifesto we've had so far. Next week will be the same. With the Conservatives, Brexit, SNP and Plaid.  There is a chance I might be a bit more verbose. If I am, please remember you don't have to read this bit.

If for some inexplicable reason, you feel like you're missing out on some Tatton chat, you can read the article I wrote for the Metro. It's about the Labour Party, socialism and nationalisation.  It's here

ps - I'm not going to patronise you by asking you to register to vote. You subscribe to this email. I'm pretty sure you're registered. 
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