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An odd time.

Everyone is turning up for work at Parliament. As expected. But... their mind isn't really on Westminster. It's even really on the wedge of elections on 5th May. No, it's EU this, EU that, EU the other. Today even saw Obama getting involved. These laws do matter though. The Trade Union Bill will have a huge effect. The 5th May elections will change lives. Don't let all your attention be pulled away!

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Trade Union Bill

A London tube strike costs the economy from £50 -£600 million.

This law make strikes harder - more people have to vote for them. It also puts in a delay to strike, changes rules about picketing & political funding.

Critics say it takes power away from workers; threatens democracy; & striking is a human right.
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Immigration Bill

This is a clamp down on illegal immigrants, making it harder for them to find a flat, harder for them to have a bank account and harder to find a job.  

If their application to stay is denied, they will now be deported before appeal.  They can appeal from their own country.

Could finish this week.
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Housing and Planning Bill

This will extend the right-to-buy to housing association tenants, create more ‘starter homes’ at a 20% discount for first-time buyers and encourage building on 'brownfield' land.

The Bill has its final stage in the Lords next week, it will then go back to the Commons so that they can find some common ground.
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Here's our quick guide to the upcoming elections on 5th May.
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