The Simple Politics guide to next week in Parliament.
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At least it's quick.

Here at Simple Politics, we love politics. It's the best. You can have real conversations about hopes and dreams and solutions and positive futures. I have to admit, though, that even at Simple Politics HQ there was a little sense of fatigue when Theresa May braved the wind outside Downing Street to announce a snap election.

But there is good news. The parties are, at least at this point, talking about the country they want. They're talking about values and ideals. Personally, I love that. Yes, there is a bit of mud slinging. And a bit of Brexit. But overall, I think this has started off in a positive way. And if it all turns to mush? It's only 7 weeks. And then there are 5 years until the next one. Probably.

But! Parliament is still sitting. It's a big week of laws as the government tries to square away all the bits and pieces. I'm going to go through them here, but in very little detail. If you want details on any of them, please check the website.

Monday - Northern Ireland (Ministerial Appointments and Regional Rates) Bill (don't look on the website for that. Not yet. Parliament haven't announced any details. Except that it is being debated on Monday. I think it will extend time for power sharing talks.)

Tuesday - Finance Bill (the budget becoming law), Health Service Medical Supplies Bill (keeping drugs cheap), Criminal Finances Bill (making it easier to get money back from criminals).

Wednesday -  PMQs! That'll be fun. Then Digital Economy Bill (sorting internet issues), Criminal Finance Bill (again, but MPs this time), Neighbourhood Planning Bill (speeding up housebuilding) and Bus Services Bill (giving local authorities more bus muscle).

Thursday is being mostly kept clear for more ping pong and arguments between Commons and Lords.

They're off for 4 Days because it's a bank holiday the following week. Then they'll come back for a couple more days rounding off, including a final PMQs on 3rd May before they stop for real to fight for their places.
We were running this event in Central London on 10th May before the election was announced. It's still going ahead and will still be a chilled evening of drinks and political chat and maybe a game or two, but hopefully, now it will also be a place to come together and debate with people from across the spectrum. Details and tickets here.
Here is our guide to what the parties want from Brexit. 
It is going to be part of the Big Chat for this whole election.
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