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10 minutes that will shape the year

So, yesterday saw the Queen giving her speech. It lasted 10 minutes and contained 21 new laws. Well, quite new laws. Some had been announced before, some are half way through being made already and some are genuinely new. Below are a few of the highlights. When the laws are confirmed and being looked at by Parliament we'll keep you right on top of what's going on.

The whole thing, though, was rather over shadowed by the the EU referendum. Critics say that, despite the number of new laws, it isn't really doing very much. Attentions are firmly elsewhere. If you're more focused on Europe, you might like to take a look at the video below. Its a brief introduction to how the EU works. Might help you make up your mind before the Big Vote.

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A 90 second guide to the 7 institutions of the EU
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