Farewell for now.
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Dear lovely reader,

It's time for me to bow out.

This email (written every term-time week since 2015) feels a bit defunct. 

There is only one news story.  I'm no scientist, no behavioural expert, no... well, anything. The last thing you need right now is my thoughts.

The point has always been to break down the issues, maybe help you understand both sides of an argument. Make you feel better informed and more in control. Sometimes, I hope, that's been achieved.

Viral disease has changed everything. By the hour. Not sure what the point of a weekly email would be under these circumstances. Think back as far as Monday. Everything has changed since then. 

So, yes, that's it. I'm going to stop sending these emails.

I hope that I'll be back at some point. September, maybe. When Parliament really gets up and running again, anyway.

It's possible that this will be the last email.

Not sure where SP, in general, will be by the time this all blows over. This email as part of it, especially.  I pay every month to maintain the subscription on Mailchimp to send these missives. Not sure I can justify keeping that going for five months without actually sending you stuff.

I've loved writing these emails. Through two General Elections, the Brexit referendum, goodness knows how many Big Brexit Votes, the last US Presidential Election. So many highlights, so many hours wading through parliamentary procedure, so much watching BBC Parliament.

Anyway, I won't get too emotional. Hopefully, I'll be back with you in a few months. Hopefully.

If you want to keep up with us day to day, we'll be publishing clear breakdowns of information from the government and others on our social pages. We're on Instagram, Facebook and twitter. Come join us.

Finally, stay well. I always use the same sign off on here, but I've never meant it more than today...

Peace and love,



If you're facing a few weeks or months on your own, you might want something to do. 

I've reduced the card game Policy Odysessy to cost price at £7.50 per pack (including P&P) so people can try something a bit different.

The paperback of my book (The Breakdown) is in the shop, too. It's a tenner. I'm sorry it's not reduced. It's only been out a week and I'm not really allowed. 

There is also a silly puzzle book that people have been buying, too.
Yeah, I'll check this stuff out.

One last time

I'm well aware that times are tough for people. If you have any spare cash right now, there are lots and lots of very important causes that need it. I can't, though, sign off this final email without one last request for your help. I hope you understand.

Nobody knows what's going to happen in the next few weeks and months.

What I do know is that September has long been a deadline for a grown up decision about the future of Simple Politics. 

If you'd like to support the work we do with a fiver or a tenner a month, that would be absolutely amazing.
I'll chip in.
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