The Simple Politics guide to next week in Parliament.
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Looking for exciting news? 

This may not be the place for it. We've managed to fill these emails the last few weeks with bits and peices about leadership battles and America and all that. This week, I just have to admit. Nothing has happened.  So, let's preview next week: nothing is going to happen.

Let's have some fun instead. Here are a couple of quizzes, an unrelated question and another chance to watch our fun music video about how laws are made.
Quiz 2!
Unrelated question!

I discovered a delicious beer the other day, made by a brewery in collaboration with Swedish heavy metal band Opeth.  Made me think. Which band would you most like to design your drink?

Hit reply and let us know - we'll tweet the best ones.
We're on holiday for a couple of weeks now. Your next email from us will be in September. Hope the rest of August is good for you. Enjoy!
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