A look ahead (and a little behind)
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Dear lovely reader,

During the heady days of 2019's Brexit fun and games, there was a recurring theme. The big vote would always be next week. The vote tonight? Oh no, that's not so important any more. The big one is a few days away.

These days feel the same. The next briefing is going to be *really* important.  The next review is going to set us all free to finally go and have a bath with a cousin. The next set of data is going to sow we're kicking this virus back to the stone age.

There is a lot of waiting at the moment.  It's easy to feel impatient and frustrated, as it has been for the past twelve and a half weeks. I hope you can find a way to stay patient.

That said, it has been a very, very busy week (not least because illness has struck - no, not that illness) and as such this is a much shorter email.  I'll be back in full form (with any luck) next week.

Peace and love,


The week ahead...

(It's a pretty quiet week all round)

House of Commons

Monday - You may remember that last week there was a bill in the Lords about being able to arrest people wanted for crimes in other countries without a UK warrant.  Well, it all went swimmingly there and it's now in the Commons. 

Tuesday - MPs will be taking back control of medicines and medical devices today. There are a few Bills going through right now that set up the structures for post Brexit. This is one of those. 

Wednesday  - PMQs! Boris! Keir! Ian! All very exciting.  

Then it's an other Opposition Day debate. Labour will choose the topic. Last week their free school meals summer vouchers debate put pressure on the government, who did make the change. That happened before the debate actually happened, though, so a lot of the heat had already been taken out.  

Thursday - There are a couple of minor debates in the Commons, but the big news today will be the Lockdown Review. Expect pubs and restaurants to open outside from 4th July. Expect the social distancing requirement to come down to one metre.

Friday - Nothing to see here.

House of Lords

Monday - Fishing is a big issue with the EU. The EU wants to use our waters like they have done while we've been in the club. We don't want them to. It's one of the very biggest hurdles.

Right now, though the Fisheries Bill is meandering through the Lords. It will set everything up for us to take over on 1st January 2021. Like the medicines one in the Commons today.  It's important stuff, but a little dull to watch.  Definitely a Match of the Day job (on last) rather than sitting through the entire match.

Tuesday - Best thing about today is that the Bill about corporate insolvency and governance will finally finish its way through the Lords. It'll be signed off by her Majesty shortly.

Wednesday  - If you enjoyed watching the Fisheries Bill on Monday, boy have the Lords got a treat for you today.  They are debating more of the Fisheries Bill.

Thursday - Not sure if you've ever wanted to get really into sentencing regulations, but have been put off by how many there are. I know I have. Which it's why I'm quite so excited by the Sentencing Bill that starts it's Parliamentary journey today. Who knew that some of the 'enactments relating to sentencing' could be summarised in one simple 596 page Bill? 

Friday - Not sitting, presumably because they will still only be on page 372 of the Sentencing Bill.

And finally...

These are hard times. We don't know what's coming, we don't know where we're going. It's no different for life at SP. Over the past few weeks, some people have been very generous with their support. We're not too far off a place where our future is looking more certain.  If you can support us with a few quid a month, it would really mean the world. Thank you.
I'll chip in.
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