18th January

The Simple Politics guide to next week in Parliament.
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It's a tough topic.  People feel very strongly. To make life even harder, opinions are often divided along class lines, with working class people much more affected by the surrounding issues (housing, employment and schools).  This week the House of Lords are getting stuck into the latest Immigration Bill. It doesn't change rules of entry to the UK, but will make life much harder for illegal immigrants.

Immigration Bill

This is a clamp down on illegal immigrants, making it harder for them to find a flat, harder for them to have a bank account and harder to find a job.  

If their application to stay is denied, they will now be deported before appeal.  They can appeal from their own country.

The Lords will be carefully checking this on Monday and Wednesday.
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Scotland Bill

Before last year's referendum, promises were made. Promises of tax powers, promises of greater autonomy, promises of more power based in Scotland.

This law is the result of these promises.

The SNP claim that it doesn't go far enough. They claim that they were promised much more than this Bill is going to give them. The government disagrees. 
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Psychoactive Substances Bill
Legal highs are tricky. There are too many new ones coming too quickly to make them illegal.

The government are hoping to stamp them out in law. The Bill will ban anything with a psychological effect. Except: alcohol, coffee, tobacco, food etc. Critics say it will make flowers, glue and music illegal.

It's having its very final stages on Wednesday.
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