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A well of sadness.

Jo Cox wasn't the most famous of MPs. If I'm honest, she'd never come up on my radar. The tributes yesterday and today show that she was passionate, fun and an extraordinary credit to the community. Her murder was senseless, brutal and simply not fair. From my desk hundreds of miles from where it happened, it seems almost impossible to know how to react.

The one point I would like to make, though, is that most MPs are decent people. The public hold them almost entirely in disdain. Whenever I speak to people about politics (which is a lot) I hear about lies, manipulation and duck houses. If Jo Cox was still alive today, she too would be tarnished with this brush. She was clearly a wonderful person. Let's look again at how we see MPs - even the ones we disagree with.
Campaigning has been suspended for the EU thing. We'er not realy covering it today. If you'd like to see our breakdowns of how the EU works and the arguments on each side, please head to www.simplepolitics.co.uk.
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