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Conference season!

It's here again. Conference season. Traditionally it was the chance for parties to get together to debate and vote on policy. It used to set the agenda for the year. We'd get deep into ideology and ask big questions.

Now, though, less so. Now, it's a chance to rally the troops. You wheel out your biggest hitters who give big speeches and say why your party is so awesome. It's also a chance to set your stall out for voters. We're still 4 years away from a General Election, so there won't be quite as much vote grabbing as there is sometimes.

I'm sorry to say, though, that Brexit will be unavoidable at all of them.

So, here's the timetable:
2 weeks ago - Greens
Today & tomorrow - UKIP
Tomorrow - 20th September - Liberal Democrats
25th - 28th September - Labour
2nd - 5th October - Conservative
13th - 15th October - SNP
21st&22nd October - Plaid Cymru

We'll be tweeting, summarising and explaining as much as we can across the season.  If you don't already, follow us on Facebook and / or twitter to keep up!

What is Capitalism?
With UKIP conference on right now, here's a 2 minute look at the idea of capitalism.
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