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Yet another reminder.

I had wonderful plans for this email. I was going to be terribly clever linking the leadership campaigns and making witty remarks about the new Cabinet. After what happened last night in Nice, though, it just seems trite. These deep divisions in UK politics seem trivial. We disagree on methodology, but we all want what's best for everyone. We care. We want a good health service. Even those who get shouted at for wanting to sell it off. We want people to get along and  be happy. We want equality. Remembering that, in the words of Jo Cox, 'there is more that unites us than divides us' is one way to find solace and comfort when we get yet another reminder of what a terrible world this can be.

There is loads going on and you don't get these emails for my take on these things. There are some laws going through in this last week before summer but not ones we haven't told you about very recently.  Instead, below is a bit of information on some of the recent changes and procedures.

Don't forget that if you'd like to know more on the laws comign up next week, head to our homepage
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