The Simple Politics guide to next week in Parliament.
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This list has grown massively this week, so hello to all of you joining after the 'What's your political ideology?' quiz. I hope you find these emails useful.

It's a quiet week coming up in Parliament. Most of the focus is now on local and regional elections on May 5th and the EU referendum.  There is one election happening on Tuesday. A Member of the House of Lords will be elected. There are 7 (white / male) candidates and the winner will be a Member for life. 3 people will vote. To find out why - watch the video at the end of this email.

Energy Bill [HL]

This will protect the North Sea’s oil and gas industry and develop cost-efficient ways for trapping the carbon dioxide that comes from burning fossil fuels.

The most controversial part of the Bill is the plan to end subsidies for onshore wind farms - the Lords deleted this clause but the Government put it back in. The Lords will respond next week.
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Investigatory Powers Bill

This is meant to prevent terrorism. It gives security services the power to monitor people’s internet history by making internet companies keep records for a year.

This is controversial. Critics say it infringes on human rights and say it is getting rushed through so MPs can’t debate it properly.

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Trade Union Bill

Strikes have been in the public eye a lot lately. This bill makes strikes harder as more people have to vote for them - and those vote have to be by post. It also changes rules about picketing and political funding.

Critics say it takes power away from workers, threatens democracy and that striking is a human right.

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Here is why 3 people get to vote for a member of the House of Lords next week
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