The Simple Politics guide to next week in Parliament.
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What we up to next, your Majesty?

That's it. Parliament has 'prorogued'. That means they've finished with one lot of laws and are waiting patiently for the Queen to come along on Wednesday and read out the next lot. Her speech isn't written by her. It's written by the PM and his team.

It doesn't tend to last that long, but will outline 15-25 new laws that the government want to bring in. Prisons will feature (more rehabilitation) as will schools (more academies). Both MPs and Lords will then spend a week or so debating the speech and it's contents. They'll then have a week off after the May bank holiday. When they come back, they'll start making the laws for real.

There'll be a special version of this email on Wednesday to keep you up to speed.

So, no laws to break down for you this week. Instead here's our overview of arguments for and against the EU.

We're delighted to announce details of our  EU debate.

We've got Tiernan Douieb (Comedian), Sophia Cannon (Barrister and Social Justice campaigner), Emma Pullen (Business for Britain), Dominic Frisby (Comedian/Financial Journalist), Owen Bennett (Huffington Post political reporter) are all coming down.Our very own Tatton Spiller will be chair.

It's going to be awesome. If you can make it to Whitstable on June 16th - please register for tickets here. If not, don't worry, it'll all be live streamed on our facebook.
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