The Simple Politics guide to the election - 27 days to go!
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Get ready. This election is about to get real.

The three weeks since May surprised us all with a snap election have been odd. We've seen parties lurch from policy announcement to policy announcement with all the grace of a stag do looking for one last bar still serving. We've seen leaks. We've seen personal attacks. We've seen a party who got 4 million votes last time out obliterated in local elections. This is not how life is supposed to be less than 4 weeks before polls open.

Next week should see a transformation, though. Manifestos are being published. We'll have real tangible promises and visions for the country. We'll be able to compare and contrast and debate and decide. After weeks of inebriation, sobriety is round the corner. 

This weekend, therefore, is the final chance to really think what you want. What promises are you hoping someone will make? What is your vision for the country? We no longer live in a world whee you either vote blue or red. We have a range of choices. You can, of course, vote tactically, or you can vote how you've always voted. But, think about this - the result of this election isn't really in doubt. Why not use this as an opportunity to vote for the world you want to see? Whether that's a clean Brexit or nationalised services or more paternity leave or whatever.

This weekend, take the time to think about what you want from the world. How you want the country to be. Don't be lead by the manifestos. Be lead by your dreams.


We've running 2 amazing election events. They're both in London. Sorry.

Sunday June 4th, 1pm - What's this General Election thing about anyway?
This is in collaboration with Comedy Club 4 Kids. It's going to be super great. A family show to give a clear understanding of the election & democracy as a whole.

Thursday 8th June, 10pm - 6am - Snap Election Section
This is the return of our block rocking election night party. There is nowhere better to watch the results come in. Decent bar, decent booze, decent people. 

For more details, click on the poster below.

We have this fantastic WhatsApp group which is a safe haven for political debate. It's a really great place to share ideas and ask questions to around 100 other people who are interested in learning more about politics. Click here to join: https://chat.whatsapp.com/H9StQ7z86nvACAku9iTab0 
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