The Simple Politics guide to next week in Parliament.
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President Elect Trump, eh? Crumbs...

I always look forward to writing to you. I'm sure it doesn't read like it, but I plan this opening paragraph of the email all week. It's pretty rare, then, that Friday morning rolls around and I've no idea what to say. One thing's for sure. He's not very popular over here. While we clearly do share the anti-establishment sentiment, we've never taken to the brash billionaire. You'll find speculation as to what this means for the world / America / the UK elsewhere. Let's get back to the UK and the here and now.

Parliament are back next week, so they'll be making laws, debating Brexit and generally carrying on regardless. That said, it's still a relatively quiet week. We're building up to Hammond's first Autumn Statement on 24th November. The first big economic speech since Brexit. That'll be exciting.
Technical and Further Education Bill

This Bill is designed to simplify technical education and address skill shortages by ensuring high quality vocational training. It’s most controversial aspects relate to the provisions that protect students should their technical, or sixth-form, college fail financially. While protecting students may not be contentious, the notion that the Government will bail-out a failing college could well be.

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Small Charitable Donations and Childcare Payments Bill

This is supposed to reform and modernise gift aid, by making sure that charities connected to community facilities can benefit; cutting red tape; and making contactless payments eligible. It’s also added on parts to make changes to childcare payments so the government reimburses the tax. Pretty uncontroversial stuff.
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National Citizen Service Bill

This Bill will be a huge boost to the National Citizenship Service (NCS), which will receive £1.2 billion in funding and require all secondary schools, including academies, private schools and sixth-form colleges, and local authorities to promote participation in the programme.We'll also see the annual reports on how the the NCS has been promoted to young people and their parents.

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How a Law is Made song (UK Parliament)
After a week off, here's a little song to remind you how laws are made.
Are you a teacher? Are any of your friends teachers? 
We do loads of stuff for / with schools. We can really help with Citizenship / Politics / British Values etc in the new school year. Some free services, some paid for (but, I think, very good value).
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