10 days to go

Use #30SecondPitch to get to hard to reach voters
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30 Second Pitch 

Reaches voters other campaigning methods just can't reach.

I am a teacher. Trust me, I know how hard it is to get a message across to young people.  With just 10 days left until polling day, I believe that the best you can do is get yourself into a position where you are as accessible as possible. That means when their interest is piqued, you can be found, with a short, clear message.

30 Second Pitch is not just about young people, though.  Tens of thousands of people are watching the pitches and going on www.simplepolitics.co.uk to get a taste of their local candidate. They do so at a time and in a medium that suits them.  Best thing about it?  It only takes 5 minutes of your time to access these online swinging votes.  Just record and upload your short video and tweet it using #30secondpitch or email it to me.

Don't forget - you can also use your short, clear and catchy video to campaign online in any way you like.  

Finally, if you are looking for a more professional video, you can try getting in touch with a local media group. It's often great experience for aspiring film makers, can benefit outfits who want to get involved with the election and it can make you look (even) better.  South West London TV have recorded 20 pitches for their area and they all look amazing.  

All the best,

Tatton Spiller

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