The Simple Politics guide to next week in Parliament.
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Happy birthday to us!

Simple Politics is 1 today! Yes, the website went live on 10th June 2016.  
To celebrate, we're having a live Q&A on twitter today from 3-5. Just use #AskSimplePolitics and we'll try to clear up any political questions you have.

Parliament is sitting for 3 days next week and dealing with some pretty big issues. See below for details. The main story, though, is obviously Europe. For a super refreshing take on the debate, check out our politician free, fact checked EU debate live on Facebook this Thursday from 7.30.

Wales Bill

This is another go at the Wales Bill started last year. It'll clarify division of powers between Assembly and Westminster, give extra powers for energy, transport and elections (I'd imagine we'll have Welsh votes for 16s soon) and gives the assembly more power over their own affairs.

Expect passion from Plaid Cyrmu MPs!

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Children and Social Work Bill [HL] 

This is to improve the life chances of those in care - making adoption quicker, ensuring that authorities track achievement of the adopted and those in care and to make sure all children leaving care are fully briefed on the services available to them.

It's in the Lords on Tuesday. Critics say it doesn't do anything to fix underlying issues.
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Policing and Crime Bill

This aims to make lots of small changes to the police force.

Highlights include: ensuring closer collaboration between police and other emergency services, simplifying complaints procedure and ending the use of police cells being used as 'places of safety'.

It's in the Commons on Wednesday.
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