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Time was when politics was reliable. When the daffodils came out, when the birds started tweeting, when you thought about packing the thermal undies away for another year... it was time for The Budget. You could look forward to old white men coming out of Number 11 Downing Street holding aloft the red briefcase in which the budget was written. 

But now, in these heady and unprecedented times, that pleasure, too, has been torn away from us. Nope, Budget fans will have to wait until the Autumn for their full fix. And it's normally pretty late Autumn, too. No, Phillip Hammond has downgraded the speech he's giving on Tuesday to 'The Spring Financial Statement'. Which means there won't be any big changes. No rabbits in hats. No surprises. Unless, of course, he's changed his mind. 

Sunday - Ahead of the statement that is not a budget, the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, will be with Marr discussing his plans for the economy. 

Monday - The Lords are on Day 6 of the committee stage Brexit Bill chat. MPs are debating a new law that will combine three financial advice bodies into one, ensuring that people across the UK are able to seek the help and advice they need to manage their finances.

Tuesday - 'The Spring Financial Statement' is in the Commons, followed by a debate around Universal Credit. Meanwhile, the Lords will look at a law that would prohibit unpaid work experience. 

Wednesday - Oh, what it must be to be a member of the House of Lords. They have their 7th day of Brexit Committee stage today. Over in the Commons it's PMQs.

Thursday - After the dust has settled on 'The Spring Financial Statement', the Lords finally get to debate it today. So that'll be a nice break from Brexit. MPs are debating 'European Affairs'. 

Friday - Private Members Bills in the Commons today. First up is a Bill that will allow refugees to bring their families to the UK and to give legal aid to help this process. The debate here will focus on whether or not this would incentivise more people to make the perilous journey to the UK.
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Our pick of the laws being debated in Parliament next week...
European Union (Withdrawal) Bill
It repeals the original Act that took Britain into the EU in 1972, and transfers the laws that came from the EU into British laws. It doesn’t tackle each policy area individually, there will be separate laws for things like immigration, but it sets up the legal framework to make Brexit possible. Expect a lot of debate about this, the devolved assemblies in Scotland and Wales aren’t happy about it, and the Bill will transfer power to Ministers after Brexit to amend laws without a vote Parliament.
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Financial Guidance and Claims Bill

The Bill will combine three financial advice bodies into one, ensuring that people across the UK are able to seek the help and advice they need to manage their finances.

It will also transfer the regulation of claims management companies to the Financial Conduct Authority, who will clamp down on nuisance calling and fraudulent claims and will have the ability to cap the fees charged by claims companies.

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Secure Tenancies (Victims of Domestic Abuse) Bill
This Bill would make it a requirement that social housing tenants in England who currently have a life-time tenancy and are fleeing domestic violence be granted a similar life-time tenancy in their new home. The requirement would also apply if an abuser moved out of the home, thus ending a joint tenancy. This Bill came about because concerns were raised about the previous Housing and Planning Act, that it would leave victims of abuse with no housing security.
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It was International Women's Day this week. Here's a look at some milestones for British women. 
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