The Simple Politics guide to next week in Parliament.
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After everything - a bit of normality?

It feels like forever ago that Parliament were sitting as normal. There was the Brexit vote in late June and Parliament was a little odd for the rest of term, then they went on holiday, then they came back for a couple of weeks before conference season. Well. All that silliness ends on Monday. Parliament will return to making laws. And they'll do it for 12 straight weeks. That's an awful lot of debating and a whole lot of laws.

Don't forget, while we all listen carefully to media debates about health in 2020 and what schools might be doing in 5 years time, but it's the laws being made right now that will have immediate impact. And they keep making them. We'll try to keep you abreast of what is being debated when. IF you want more, head over to the main site (www.simplepolitics.co.uk) where we've got a breakdown of every law in front of Parliament right now.

Oh, and it's still all kicking off in America too. If you'd like to watch the results come through over night on November 8th, join us in our all night party in London. Details.

Higher Education and Research Bill
This is a fairly controversial Bill which is reporting back to MPs after its Committee Stage. It paves the way for more competition in the higher education sector, by making it easier for new universities to be set up, with an Office for Students and a Teaching Excellence Framework to be implemented. It clashes quite a lot with devolved policies in Wales and Scotland, so expect Labour and the SNP to not be too happy with it.
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Investigatory Powers Bill

A really controversial Bill, also known as the ‘Snooper’s Charter’, which was first introduced by Theresa May before she got promoted to PM. It’s now up to new Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, to take it through. Expect the Lib Dems to dig their heels in. Labour has already let it through in the Commons as they said the government has worked with them on changes.

The Lords will look at this on Tuesday
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Wales Bill

This has made the Welsh Government quite unhappy. It gives powers to Wales to govern its own elections, as well as some over energy and transport.
However, political parties in Wales disagree as to whether Wales should have its own legal jurisdiction. A lot of law is still confusingly for ‘England & Wales’, even though Wales has made its own laws since 1999.
Expect Plaid Cymru to lead the charge on changes.
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No nonsense guide to how laws are made in the UK
Bit rusty on how this whole law making thing works? Here's our video to help.
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