The Simple Politics guide to next week in Parliament.
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We've got loads of stuff to tell you about. We're really excited about the Simple Politics Academy & I think you'll find our French election coverage useful. But.

I want to start by just registering the fact that I'm sad this morning.

I'm sad that Andreea Cristea has died. I'm sad about the sarin attacks in Syria. I'm sad about the whole situation in Syria. As you can imagine, I follow the news a lot. This morning it all feels pretty bleak.
Anyway. This is totally against the rules of how a useful weekly email should be written. I promise to be unrelentingly upbeat for the rest of this missive. Oh. And I've taken out any little adverts from this week. Today, I want to help not to sell. 

Introducing.... The Simple Politics Academy!

Next week, we'll be running the inaugural Simple Politics Academy. It's just too exciting for words.

What is it?

Oh. Yeah. I should explain.

When Parliament are sitting, we are super busy bringing it all to you. SO we want to take the opportunity of the Easter break to have a more structured approach to explaining how it all works. We've created a (working) week of infographics, videos and articles to take you through the basics of how Parliament works.  

Enrol now, and each day next week you'll get an email on top of all the info on our social streams. If you'd like to join the WhatsApp group, to discuss the topics of the day, that's available too.  Also, the Simple Politics team will be available to you for questions and clarifications. We may even run the odd Facebook Live in the evenings to answer questions and issues from the day. A bit like a tutorial.

The course will look like this:
Monday: Ideologies
Tuesday: Parliament
Wednesday: Voting systems
Thursday: Features of a democracy
Friday: Devolved powers

Also published on the Friday (but you'll have a few days to do it) will be an online quiz. Get 80% and we'll send you a fancy certificate that you can frame and have above your desk. Or show your boss. Or your mum.

And of course - it's completely, completely free.

For more information and to enrol, click here.
Here's why some of the 200+ people already signed up say they're joining us.
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