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Stripping it back

Lovely reader,

As you may know if you've been getting these emails for a while, I do a kids family show with the wonderful Tiernan Douieb. It's called 'How Does This Politics Thing Work Then?' and it's ace. 

In the show we break down the whole of politics to the following:

Problems identified

Solutions suggested

Decision - by voting

Action (you do the thing that has been voted for)

And that's it. Right now, we, as a country, are at the solutions stage. All the different parties are identifying the problems they see in the country and suggesting their own solutions.

The highlight of my week (yes, I should get out more) was the clear choice we were offered on Monday. Car tax generates £1.5bn a year. The Conservative Party want to spend that on road improvements. The Labour Party want to spend it on reducing rail fares. That's your choice from the Big Two. There is no right answer. There is no wrong answer. Just what you think it's right to do.  

Now, I understand that the election is not going to be won or lost on the basis of that choice. It could, though, help you make your mind up. Be the nudge that pushes you in one direction or another.

I've spent a long time in this email decrying the poor level of the campaign. It doesn't feel like parties and party leaders are standing up every day banging the drum for their vision of the future. Those solutions aren't always as clear to see. They are there though.

I've written enough long, long emails this year, so I'm going to bring this one to a close here. Nice and early. Lucky you. 

I'll just add finally this reminder. If your team comes second in this election (or third or fourth or fifth) you get nothing. Assuming a majority, the winning party will be able to make all the changes they like. The losers will lose every vote in the Commons. They can make big angry speeches. They can display pure rage. Whatever. They'll lose the votes and the things they don't want to happen will happen. If you have a clear team. Get out and campaign. Persuade people. Vote.  

Peace and love,


ps - if you aren't sure who to vote for the new Vote for Policies quiz is now available and it's as wonderful as ever: https://voteforpolicies.org.uk/

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