The Simple Politics guide to next week in Parliament.
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Back. This time for real. 

You may remember that about a month ago this email was all frothy and excited. Parliament are back, I shouted at you. But. Well. They went away again. So, I can understand your lack of faith when I tell you that they really are back this time. For real. For 5 whole weeks. And, sure, then they take a week off for Parliament Week (when there are events up and down the country about how great Parliament is), but then they're back all the way up until nearly Christmas. Really. It's all very exciting.

That said, the Commons doesn't have a particularly riveting opening week. No debates on new legislation of note. Just a few general debates, that might be interesting. 

Meanwhile, conferences aren't yet finished. The Green Party and the SNP both have their get-togethers this weekend. So that's all fun.

Saturday - normally a very quiet day for politics, but it's the first day of the Green Party conference in Harrogate. A highlight could be the panel debate on 'What should the new economy look like?'. 

Sunday - Morning politics shows will be full of Conservatives reflecting on that speech from conference, SNP MPs talking about their conference and possibly some Greens. Marr will have a distinctly Scottish feel with Ruth Davidson and Nicola Sturgeon both featuring. 

In the afternoon, Green MEP Molly Scott Cato has a speech at their conference and the SNP conference opens with a speech from John Swinney. If you don't fancy that, then go for a walk. It's all autumn right now and I love it.

Monday - Before Parliament kicks off at 2.30, we can enjoy Ian Blackford (SNP) at 11 and the co-leaders, Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley, of the Green Party make their speech at 2.15. Also, Leanne Wood, of Plaid Cymru fame, is addressing the SNP conference today. It's a 'fraternal address' apparently.

First day back for MPs looks quite light on paper. David Gauke will be answering questions on Work and Pensions (presumably with a focus on Universal Credit) then they've got a general debate on Gypsies and Travellers.  There will, I'm sure, also be an urgent question or two. And probably a statement. David Davis might even report back from the latest round of Brexit negotiations.

Tuesday - The SNP conference goes big today. We've got Mhari BLack in the morning and Nicola Sturgeon herself at 3.20. Green Party conference closes, but not before Deputy Leader Amelia Womack has a speech.

In Parliament, MPs have another general debate. This one on baby loss awareness week.   It's in debates like this that you can find some truly beautiful speeches. Sometimes, the House of Commons is a very special, caring and compassionate place.

Wednesday - PMQs! PMQs! PMQs! Not much else, tbh...

Thursday - A pretty quiet day in The Commons and the Lords. Might be a nice time to focus on your hobby. 

Friday - It's Friday 13th. An unlucky day for people who like huge amounts of political action. There's nothing going on. Well, nothing I can predict for you.

There's going to be another one of these emails today, though. So that's something to look forward to.
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Our pick of the laws being debated in Parliament next week...
Armed Forces (Flexible Working) Bill

Currently, regular members of the armed forces are expected to be available for duty all day every day and have no guarantee that they will not be liable for an extended overseas deployment.

This Bill will give members of the armed forces the option to apply for part-time working and to ask to restrict the geographical area in which they work.

More details
Telecommunications Infrastructure (Relief from Non-Domestic Rates) Bill
This Bill aims to progress full-fibre broadband in the UK by offering business rates relief for operators who install new fibre on their networks.
The Government hopes that this Bill will incentivise operators to invest in the broadband network, by not charging them business rates for installing ultrafast fibra networks (as opposed to upgrades on old copper networks). This is part of the Government’s Digital Strategy that was announced last year. 
More details
Air Travel Organisers' Licensing Bill

This Bill aims to modernise the ATOL licensing scheme which was originally set up to offer protection to people buying package holidays and meant if their holiday provider went bust they were entitled to a refund or transport home. The new rules would extend the protection to people buying separate flights online, and would make it easier for UK travel businesses to operate in Europe both before and after Brexit.

More details
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