Summertime guide to political goings on.
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3 people who will shape our future

We all know that the Conservative Party managed to get their leadership ding dong over in a flash. Theresa May gets a relaxed summer, safe in the knowledge she's already won and, is the Prime Minister. Lucky her. Her friends over in the Labour Party, the Green Party and UKIP are less relaxed.

Yes, these three are still neck deep in leadership contests. Labour has a  very focused two candidates (Smith & Corbyn), while the other two have 6 each. You can see them all broken below.  

Why does this matter? They won't be Prime Minister and they won't get to make laws, but they will shape the debate. At the last election they got nearly 15 million votes between them. UKIP have a good claim to having forced Cameron into the EU referendum. The Greens keep policies like the Robin Hood tax and climate issues firmly in the public eye.

The new leaders, between them, will be shaping the political landscape for quite some time. Keep an eye on all the contests. They matter.

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