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Wow. Politics.

10 days ago, we were settling into a semi-settled state. Clinton was definitely going to win next week's Presidential election. We were going to be enacting Article 50 by Easter. Zac Goldsmith was a Conservative MP. And now? Well, who knows? Trump is neck and neck in the polls (and the bookmakers have slashed the odds, too). The High Courts, well, you know what happened yesterday. Goldsmith definitely resigned, but isn't being challenged by the Conservative Party and, if he gets re-elected, will probably mostly vote with the Blue Team. 

So what can we do? We know for sure now that predictions are for horoscope writers. We know that we aren't going back to the old ways of politics anytime soon. For example decisions of Judges used to be seen as impartial. Not anymore. They are labelled the 'Enemy of the People' for their interpretation of the constitution. We're in this brave new world and we need to adapt to it.

So, again, what can we do? I'll tell you what we can do. We can keep focused on the world we want to see. Whether you are / were Remain or Leave; small government or big government; UKIP or Green; you've got principles at your heart. Those don't change because we can't predict what's going to happen. If anything, it makes it more important to follow the laws going through Parliament, engage with the people who are making those laws and do what you can to shape the world in a way that you think is fair / just / best.
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This would require public bodies as well as all companies to include statements on modern slavery (i.e. forced labour or human trafficking) in annual reports and accounts. The idea if that authorities would exclude companies from procurement who did not have a statement.


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This Bill started in the Lords and is about to have its Report Stage before bouncing over to the Commons. It will speed up the adoption process and schools and councils will have to work harder on improving the educational attainment of children in care. This is the first Bill that new Education Secretary, Justine Greening, will have to pick up on after Nicky Morgan introduced it.

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This Bill is all about the police and improving the complaints system alongside strengthening Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs). Since they were established in 2012, Theresa May has been keen for their roles to be enhanced and this Bill encourages them to take on responsibility for fire and rescue services, where a local case has been made. Lords are looking at this in-depth in their Bill Committee.

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Simple Politics guide to the British Constitution
Lots of chat about the constitution this week. Here's our very quick guide to how it works.
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