The Simple Politics guide to next week in Parliament.
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Use Monday well, folks...

If you've got much on next week, my advice is to get it done on Monday. Sure, there are a couple of laws being debated, (including the awesome and cool stuff from the future Bill, details below), but it's all going to kick off later.

Tuesday sees the Lords venture further into Enemy of the People territory when they vote on whether or not to make another change to Brexit Bill. This time they'll be committing May's pledge to have a 'meaningful vote' in Parliament on any deal into law. The passion and integrity of the Brexit debate in the Lords has been amazing. Watch it live, or follow it on our twitter feed. The Commons will be debating the Children and Social Work Bill (details below).

As if we haven't had enough excitement, Wednesday is Budget day. We'll have our usual slice of PMQs at 12, followed by Phillip Hammond talking about the government's spending plans for the next year. It's a huge moment because money is tight and there are lots of things he'd like to pay for. Jeremy Corbyn will then take to his feet and explain why the budget is terrible. Expect some very fiery scenes. They'll continue to debate bits and pieces of the budget on Thursday. Wednesday is also International Women's Day, so expect that to feature.

Friday we head back to the Lords just in time to see them pick up the baton of last week's Bill in the Commons that will have us ratify the Istanbul Convention (on domestic violence) and then have a thorough look over the Homelessness Reduction Bill. 

Phew! Exciting times.

(Do you prefer these weekly run-throughs, or do you miss the vague & random thoughts that used to go here? If you've got a minute, do let me know!)
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Our pick of the laws being debated in Parliament next week...
European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill
Here it is - the Bill that, if passed, will mean the UK will leave the EU. The Government was forced to draw up this legislation after the Supreme Court ruled that Parliament had to vote on Brexit. The Bill itself is very short and simply confers powers on the Prime Minister to invoke Article 50 of the treaty on the European. The Bill has already been changed, but could face more changes in Report Stage, or even Third Reading on Tuesday.
More details
Children and Social Work Bill

This Bill started in the Lords and has now bounced over to the Commons and is now being debated in committee. It will speed up the adoption process and schools and councils will have to work harder on improving the educational attainment of children in care.

This is the first Bill that new Education Secretary, Justine Greening, has picked up after Nicky Morgan introduced it.

More details
Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill
This Bill is about updating the regulations for automated vehicles (or “driverless cars”), and to make better provision for electric vehicles by creating more charging points, and making it easier for people to find them.

It also makes some technical changes to air traffic control licensing, and makes it illegal to point a laser pen at any vehicle or aircraft, regardless of whether it actually does any damage.
More details
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