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Article 50 & The Supreme Court.
A match made in Heaven.

On Monday, the 11 judges that make up the Supreme Court will start to look at the Article 50 case. Judges are totally independent of government, so neither Theresa May, nor any remoaner MPs, will be able to unduly influence the decision. They'll listen to evidence for 3 days then toddle off to discuss amongst themselves for a bit. We'll then get the decision. Probably the following week. 

Some sources say that we might be looking at 11-0 unanimous decision that Parliament needs to be involved. If that is the case, then it looks likely we'll see a one line Bill, along the lines of 'yeah, let's do Article 50'. The battle will be to stop MPs and / or the House of Lords from turning it into: 'yeah, let's do Article 50 - but Parliament has to be given a blow by blow account of what's going on and we must stay in the Single Market.'  Whatever happens, though, May is hoping to trigger Article 50 by Easter. 
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Children and Social Work Bill

This Bill started in the Lords and is about to have its final debate before bouncing over to the Commons. It will speed up the adoption process and schools and councils will have to work harder on improving the educational attainment of children in care. This is the first Bill that new Education Secretary, Justine Greening, will have to pick up on after Nicky Morgan introduced it.

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Health Service Medical Supplies (Costs) Bill
This would let the government intervene in non-generic medicine prices, as it currently can only intervene in branded ones. It closes up a loophole investigated by The Times, which pointed out that some drugs bought by the NHS have gone up 1000% in price. The pharma industry won’t be very happy, but expect broad support for this from across parties.
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National Citizen Service Bill
This Bill will be a huge boost to the National Citizenship Service (NCS), which will receive £1.2 billion in funding and require all secondary schools, including academies, private schools and sixth-form colleges, and local authorities to promote participation in the programme.We'll also see the annual reports on how the the NCS has been promoted to young people and their parents.
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From the Horse's Mouth bonus episode: Article 50
The High Court disagreed with him. Some predict that the Supreme Court will disagree with him 11 - 0, but, here's constitution expert and Conservative Peer, Lord Norton of Louth, talking about Parliament & Article 50.
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