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Blink and you've missed it.

Well, here we are. Just one week to go until Parliament takes a week off for half term. MPs will be back in constituencies, members of the House of Lords will be discussing plans for the Brexit Bill and journalists will be discussing how long Theresa May can carry on. 

If you've had enough of Brexit talk and Conservative plots (real and imagined) you're really not going to enjoy the next couple of weeks. That's because it's another quiet week in Parliament next week, so there really isn't very much to take attention away from those topics.

That said, the government aren't too keen on endless leadership speculation. Obviously. So it may be reasonable to expect some kind of major policy announcement soon. There was a Big Brexit Speech scheduled from Theresa May, but that's now been shelved.

Sunday - You know how we mentioned Brexit and Conservative leadership chat? Well, if you love that, you'll love the Sunday morning TV shows this week. If not, why not go for a nice walk instead?

Monday - MPs will engage in some hot debate on Smart Meters as that Bill nears its final destination. Away from the Smart action, there is an interesting select committee looking at devolution and Brexit - with a special focus on Wales. Carwyn Jones (First Minister of Wales), Leanne Wood (Plaid leader) and more will be in Westminster for the occasion.

Tuesday - Space! Yep, the Space Industry Bill is close to becoming law. It finishes in the Commons today. Get ready for some intergalactic fun. Well, OK. Maybe not intergalactic. Not yet. And possibly not that much fun. But there will definitely be some chat about space.  

Wednesday - PMQs! The undeniable highpoint of the Parliamentary week will come on Wednesday when May and Corbyn face off for the final time this term. May was away this week, so we had the B Team debating votes at 16. After a week off, it's likely the NHS will feature.

Meanwhile, the Lords are looking at two Bills today. One looking at freezing terrorist money and giving it to terrorist victims in the UK. The other is all about keeping our NUclear safeguards when we leave the EU.

Thursday - The last day before recess often sees a wide range of topics debate in the Commons and today is no different. The pick of the bunch is a debate on a Universal Credit review by the Work and Pensions Committee. 

Friday - That's it.  It's all over. Parliament isn't sitting for 12 days. That's plenty of time to get some good constituency work done and maybe even see the family.

Finally - with no Parliament the week after next, there won't be an email next week. If you're worried you'll miss us (which you may well be), why not give us a follow on social media? Or console yourself by buying a ticket to the talk in London at the end of the month. Or drop us a line and say hello. 
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Our pick of the laws being debated in Parliament next week...
Smart Meters Bill

The Government has a target of delivering smart energy meters to all UK homes by 2020.

This Bill extends the time period that the Government has to oversee and amend this process to 2023.

The Government has said that this does not mean the 2020 deadline has changed, just the Government’s ability to manage the process.
More details
Space Industry Bill
This Bill is the Government’s attempt to stimulate the commercial space industry in the UK. It sets out the legal framework for the safety, licensing and liabilities of space activities including satellite launches and sub-orbital commercial space flights. This could mean that British businesses are less reliant on launching from other countries and increase UK revenues from an increasing global space industry.
More details
Nuclear Safeguards Bill
When the UK leaves the EU it will also leave Euratom - the European Atomic Energy Community.

This Bill aims to replace the Euratom nuclear safeguards with domestic ones to make sure that the UK’s nuclear energy material is still safe and not being diverted into the arms trade and that the UK nuclear industry will still be able to trade with European countries after Brexit.
More details
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